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Shuang-Liang Hsu

Shuang-Liang Hsu  Associate Professor/ Chair

Email liangtrb@gmail.com

Hsu Shuang-Liang

Hsu Shuang-Liang is a well-known conductor, composer, arranger, trombonist and author of wind ensemble-related literature in Taiwan.  Mr. Hsu has been a member of Taipei Symphony Orchestra since 1981, In 1985, he was awarded a French-government-funded scholarship to study at the École Normale de Musique de Paris. In 1987, he was awarded advanced diplomas in both trombone and chamber music.

Mr. Hsu has been principal trombone for the Taipei Symphony Orchestra and has been involved in hundreds of performances as a soloist and as a member of the Taipei Brass Quintet. He is also the founder and conductor of the Taipei Symphonic Winds-one of the top wind ensemble in Taiwan.

In 2009, Mr. Hsu published "A History of the Band," and, in 2010, "Formation and Development of the Modern Band " and "A Survey of the Wind music", "Selections for Brass Quintet" in 2016.

Yi Fang Lee

Dr. Yvonne LeeProfessor


Yi-Fang Lee, Pianist

Born in Taiwan, Yi-Fang began her musical studies at the age of five and was educated at the Special Program for The Musically Gifted, under the auspices of the government from junior through senior high school.  She was admitted to the National Taiwan Normal University with highest distinctions, where she received her bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees under the instruction of Dr. Kun-Chin Lin in piano performance, and Dr. Kii-Ming Lo as her doctoral advisor.

        Yi-Fang has appeared in recital and chamber concert in Taiwan, Poland, Italy, Japan, Hong-Kong, and mainland China. She has appeared as piano soloist with numerous ensembles including the Taipei County Symphony Orchestra, the Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra, the Just Music Philharmonic Orchestra, the Republic of Navy Band, the Aletheia University Symphony Orchestra, and the Aletheia University Wind Band etc..  Some of her major performances include the piano concertos and concertos for two pianos by Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns, and Poulenc.  She has also frequently been invited to perform newly composed works for piano solo by such famed Taiwanese composers as Mao-Shuen Chen, Fan-Long Ko, Chin-Yow Lin, Wen-Ta Juang, Chin-Wen Chao, and Chia-Lin Pan.

Yi-Fang is the winner of many music awards and scholarships.  Most recently, she was the recipient of the Liu-Jan Academic Foundation award, and was recommended to be the member of The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society.  She was also the principal investigator of some research projects awarded by National Science Council (NSC) on 2010 and 2012.  She is now a full-time associate professor of piano and chairperson of the music department at Aletheia University in Taipei, Taiwan.

Shan-Hui Hsia

Dr. Shan-Hui Hsia  Professor


Shan-Hui Hsia / Piano

Shan-Hui Hsia is an accomplished pianist, harpsichordist, choir master, and music director. She has performed chamber music, instrumental and vocal recitals, opera, and orchestral works in Asia, America, and Europe. Her professional academic credentials include schools of music such as the University of Minnesota, Simons College of Boston, and San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Ms. Hsia plays and/or coaches for the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Taipei City Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Opera Theater, H and K Arts Management Associates of New York, the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center in Taipei, and for maestros Jan Popper and Gustav König. She also has served as an official pianist and/or an interpreter for master classes of many acclaimed musicians such as Elizabeth Mannion, Josef Gingold, Daniel Majeske, Christo N. Stanischeff, Kurt Suttner of the University Augsburg and via-nova-chor München, and Thomas Grubb, Corradina Caporello, and Marlena Malas of the Juilliard School.

Ms. Hsia earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Accompanying/Coaching with Margo Garrett from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance with Maria C. Jaguaribe from Boston University, a diploma of Harpsichord Performance (l’Epreuve de Clavecin pour le Brevet d’Exécution) with Jean-Patrice Brosse from Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, and a certificate of Lied Accompaniment (Das Deutsche Lied für Sänger und Begleiter) with Paul Schilhawsky from Internationale Sommerakademie Der Hochschule "Mozarteum". She is a certified linguist/coach in French, German, Italian, English, and Chinese. She has published books on piano chamber music and translated French libretto to Chinese for the premiere of Francis Poulenc’s opera “Dialogues des Carmélites” in Taiwan.

Ms. Hsia teaches at various schools in Taipei including National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Performing Arts. A full professor of music, currently, Ms. Hsia teaches piano at Aletheia University Department of Applied Music as well as accompanying and chamber music at Soochow University Department of Music and Graduate Program in Music of Arts. She also serves as the choir master at Taipei International Church and frequently performs with a number of cultural organizations.

Chao-Cheng Lin

Dr. Chao-Cheng Lin |Assistant Professor


Dr. Chao-Cheng Lin is a graduate from Peabody Institute and University of Maryland. He has performed with numerous orchestras worldwide. The Washington Post claimed him as an extraordinary soloist.

Dr. Lin teaches trumpet performance in Aletheia University, National Tsing Hua University, and University of Taipei.




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